How It All Began

We are Katerina and Jindrich – the co-founders of FitBee Planet. For years we struggled to find a nut butter that tasted great without all the extra junk found in the grocery aisles. We firmly believed added sugar, salt, preservatives, and oils were not the only way to make a nut butter you could actually enjoy eating.

Here’s the thing:  It’s not hard to find nut butter in the grocery store. But do you know what is hard? Finding a nut butter that is good for you and the Earth.

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Peanut Butter with Sea Salt 330 g

This Peanut Butter is a combination of dry roasted peanuts and a pinch of the premium Maldon Sea Salt added to enhance flavour and quality. The addition of sea salt enhances your taste bud.

• Roasted peanuts with a pinch of premium Maldon Sea Salt

• No added sugar, oil and preservatives

• Full of useful proteins and fibres

• Healthy fats which help prevent heart diseases

• Tastes best on toasts and pancakes

FitBee Planet Packaging using Geami WrapPak eco-friendly solution. All nut butters are packed in environmentaly-friendly supplies
Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Product packaging may seem like a small part of the process, yet it is one of the most critical steps. Most waste is typically produced during packaging

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About Lucky Alvin | FitBee Planet
About Lucky Alvin

Lucky Alvin is a Czech company that produces top-quality all-natural nut butter spreads. It was founded by Mr. Vilem and Mrs. Theresa Vlasic in the spring of 2017. The pair are in their thirties and were exploring the health benefits of peanut butter.

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Ingredients in our nut butters

Lucky Alvin features healthy and all-natural ingredients in each of our scrumptious nut butter products. They are carefully selected from high-quality producers who use ethical practices.Most components are imported from around the world since we want to ensure our customers receive the absolute best of the best nut butter on the market.

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