Almond butter + white chocolate and cinnamon 200 g

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  • Almond butter + white chocolate and cinnamon 200 g - almond spread with no added sugar

    Who doesn't like a combination of almonds and white chocolate? This product is your destination in that case. A heavenly combination of bitter California almonds and white Belgian chocolate in addition to Indonesian cinnamon leaves you an everlasting taste.

    There are no added sugar constituents in the product thereby making it a healthy choice for you. It is a source of proteins which makes it all the more useful for our body and immunity system. The combination of nut and natural ingredients adds the perfect blend to your diet with the absence of palm oil not being a factor at all. In a nutshell, your daily intake of peanut butter might just build you up in ways you don't know and yet leave the everlasting taste of chocolate with you.

    It is often preferred by vegetarians as a part of their diet. The lovers of white chocolate and almonds take a fancy to the otherwise extremely healthy combination too. The flavour of cinnamon adds a different texture to your taste buds at all times.

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