About Us

Here’s the thing:  It’s not hard to find nut butter in the grocery store. But do you know what is hard? Finding a nut butter that is good for you and the Earth. 

That all changes with FitBee Planet.

We are Katerina and Jindrich – the co-founders of FitBee Planet. For years we struggled to find a nut butter that tasted great without all the extra junk found in the grocery aisles. We firmly believed added sugar, salt, preservatives, and oils were not the only way to make a nut butter you could actually enjoy eating. At FitBee Planet, we connect you with the absolute best nut butters you’ll ever taste.  Through meaningful and powerful partnerships with likeminded producers, we have created FitBee Planet to be your one-stop-shopping solution to indulge in one of natures most lovely foods.


We are passionate about delivering delectable nut butters to our customers that have been simply and mindfully crafted from dry roasted peanuts.  No fillers or extra flavours needed; just pure nature and exquisite taste from healthy nut butters that you can feel good about eating.

It turns out simple is delicious!

At FitBee Planet, we are honoured to offer you eco-friendly, endlessly tasty nut butters that were awarded at the coveted Great Taste Awards. While we love the base of our nut butters (and we absolutely, positively do), our love of chocolate introduced some exciting additions to our line of premium products. We are always looking at new, exciting flavour options for our nut butters.


Even though taste is very important, we wanted our nut butters to be good for you, too. That’s why all of our products offer balanced macros. We proudly use Maltitol as a sweetener; which means no added sugars! We want fitness enthusiasts to have something delicious they won’t feel bad about eating.
We also pride ourselves of constantly looking for new products and offerings that align with our core values and that our customers will love.  Healthy new products are always on the horizon with FitBee Planet.


On top of being great for your health, we have worked hard to find sustainable ways to offer you our nut butters. For us, that means being as gentle to nature as possible.

All of our products come in glass jars. We use as little plastic as possible throughout the production process. Our wrappings are made from a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable alternative to traditional plastic.

Everything from the tissue fill to the product labels are completely compostable and degradable. We want to take care of the planet we share.


Our goal is to protect our natural resources, and also help anyone who wants a healthier alternative to the old standards of nut butter. We believe in connecting people to high-quality, healthy products that promote an active lifestyle.

 The future of nut butter is here, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Welcome to FitBee Planet.